The Story of this Campaign

In our ongoing work to protect and preserve Monticello – a “masterpiece of human creative genius” – we derive inspiration from Jefferson’s ideas, from world-class scholarship, and from a legacy of stewardship that spans more than 180 years. It began with the Levy family, who saved the house from ruin in 1834; it continued with the incorporation of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation in 1923.

Now, at the close of a historic campaign, we add another chapter to the story of Monticello’s preservation. Campaign supporters have joined generations of Americans united in the conviction that this place has enduring relevance.

In 2015, the Foundation launched We Hold These Truths: The Campaign for Monticello. Through this landmark effort, we endeavored to more fully reveal Jefferson’s world and ideas, share stories of Monticello that have never been told, and protect the positions and programs that define our excellence. The campaign was about safeguarding and sharing the mountain and the mind of Thomas Jefferson – for all time and for all people.

We Hold These Truths was an unmitigated success, surpassing the original $65 million goal by more than $10 million.

We are profoundly grateful to the thousands of donors who, through their generous campaign gifts, have joined a lineage of stewardship that has protected Monticello for more than 180 years. Thank you to friends near and far for your support in safeguarding this American treasure.

Leslie Greene Bowman

Donald A. King, Jr.