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Jacqueline Langholtz

Manager of School & Group Programs

How will the Campaign make a difference in your work?

Monticello welcomes thousands of students and teachers each year by offering free field trips to schools that would be unable to visit without funding support. Close to 5,000 students benefited from these outreach programs in 2014 alone, but the need for field trip scholarships is constant and many of our programs are only funded year to year, with no guarantee of renewal. Funding to endow existing outreach programs would guarantee that these programs could continue to be delivered to the schools that already rely on them, and would give the planning process a valuable head start.

I’ve been in the position where it’s November or December and we’re waiting on funding to be announced for possible field trips in January; that’s immensely challenging from a planning standpoint. Having funding assured for future years would mean I would be able to work with teachers farther in advance of their programs to help them with pre-visit classroom lessons and field trip planning. We could build school and community partnerships that weren’t contingent upon annual funding and weren’t in danger of being cut year to year.

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