Monticello Stories

Gardiner Hallock

Architectural Historian

How will the Campaign make a difference in your work?

Every aspect of the Campaign has a direct impact on the Restoration Department’s work to maintain and restore Monticello. Each department at Monticello contributes to the preservation of the mountaintop, and expanding the endowment will ensure that the Foundation’s record of excellence is continued into the 21st century. Similarly, the effort to finally complete Jefferson’s papers is invaluable to our work restoring Monticello. The knowledge they are unlocking every day expands our understanding of Jefferson’s autobiographical house and its appearance during his lifetime. Finally, without a successful campaign it will simply not be possible to complete restoration projects that are essential to the Foundation’s educational mission. We have made remarkable progress in the past three years and, with help from the Campaign, we will build on this great work by focusing on nationally significant first-floor spaces, and by restoring the two surviving Jefferson-era buildings on Mulberry Row.

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