Monticello Stories

Emilie Johnson

Curatorial Department

What is the most exciting thing happening in your area right now?

The furnishing of the upper floors and the reconstruction and furnishing of buildings on Mulberry Row are the most exciting things that have recently happened in Curatorial. These are completely new spaces that the public had never seen, and they allow us to share new and different information about people who lived and worked at Monticello.

During the Campaign, I helped my colleagues install furnishings and objects in some of the 2nd story rooms. This experience encapsulates so much of what I love about Monticello. I was working with my incredibly smart, very generous, tireless colleagues in the Curatorial and Restoration Departments. As we were up there, a number of EVP staff members came up, to see what changes were happening. Even the President came by, to see how work progressed. The staff at Monticello – across departments – is engaged, supportive, and encouraging, which makes this a wonderful place to work.

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