Campaign priority

A Global Exhibition

Campaign priority

A Global Exhibition

In the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson supplied a template for citizenship that has inspired change around the globe. Two centuries later, his words are echoed in the foundational documents of countless nations—as powerful today as they were in 1776.

For his ideas—and the courage it took to articulate them—we celebrate Jefferson as an American citizen, and a citizen of the world.

In 2019, Monticello will break new ground by opening one of the first exhibitions on U.S. history in the People’s Republic of China.

Thomas Jefferson: Inventing America is designed to be a conversation between two cultures—a trailblazing opportunity to share the founding chapter of the American narrative with a Chinese audience. The show will open at the National Library of China in Beijing, the counterpart to America’s Library of Congress.

Jefferson’s genius is reflected in every facet of American life. Exhibition materials will embody his fundamental role in “inventing America”—not only politically, as author of the Declaration of Independence, but through contributions to art, science, culture, and academia. Thomas Jefferson: Inventing America will feature a rich mixture of authentic objects, artwork, and interactive media. Highlights include an original version of the Declaration of Independence and a digital reproduction of Jefferson’s Cabinet.

The Campaign has catalyzed a landmark initiative to share Jefferson’s world, his ideas, and the relevance of history with an international audience.

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Thomas Jefferson is “a Citizen of the World and the friend of universal peace and happiness.”
—Benjamin Rush, 1796


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